Casinos Not On Gamstop UK: Top Non Gamstop Sites Not Covered

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GamStop is an independent service that helps individuals curb their online gambling addiction. Gamblers may self-exclude themselves from online gambling websites for six months, one year, or five years. During that time, GamStop prevents them from logging on to online casino sites based on their registration details and freezes their accounts.

It is possible to circumvent GamStop. There are a number of sites not registered with GamStop that allow people to play continuously, despite having a GamStop ban in place.

28 Great Casinos Not Registered with Gamstop

1. 14 Red Casino

2. 6Black Casino

3. All Cash Back Casino

4. All Wins Casino

5. Ares Casino

6. BoVegas

7. Bronze Casino

8. Cash Spins Casino

9. Classy Slots

10. Club Lounge Casino

11. Crazyno

12. DomGame Casino

13. Don’s Casino

14. Four Crowns Casino

15. Gale and Martin Casino

16. Napoli Casino

17. Golden Lion Casino

18. Lord of the Spins

19. Madame Chance

20. RedDog Casino

21. Ridika Casino

22. Rufus Casino

23. Slots Empire

24. Spicy Spins

25. SpinUp Casino

26. Split Aces Casino

27. Stay Lucky Casino

28. Superwins Casino

How to Get Around GamStop—A Wealth of Site Types Not Registered on GamStop from Slots to Betting

There are four gambling site types not registered with GamStop. Those include betting, poker, and slot sites, as well as casinos. Here’s what players can expect to find on each site type.

Betting Sites

Betting sites are straightforward. They are online locations where players can wager on the future outcome of an event. Sporting events are the main attraction for most betting websites, though it is not uncommon for bookmakers to offer lines on the Academy Awards, Emmys, esports, and political elections.

Sportsbooks offer two primary forms of betting. These include moneyline bets, where betters chose the winning team outright and spread betting, where betters select against a spread. Other options include prop bets, over/under bets, and parlays.

Many online betting sites have initial offers as an incentive for people who selected self-exclusion by singing up on GamStop. For instance, sites not covered by GamStop may offer a 400 per cent bonus on the initial investment. Therefore, if someone places a 200-pound wager on the site, their account will actually start with 800 pounds.

Online Casinos

Online casinos let players enjoy their favorite casino games from the comfort of their homes. Also known as virtual or Internet casinos, these gambling sites have become the most prolific form of online gambling in the world. Popular games include:

  • Baccarat
  • Blackjack
  • Bingo
  • Craps
  • Keno
  • Poker
  • Roulette
  • Sic bo
  • Slot machines

Online casinos often have larger paybacks and more favorable odds than their land-based counterparts. They also do not have the same material expenses as a live casino. As a result, operators can pass on savings in the form of generous returns and more enticing incentives.

Poker Sites

Online poker has been around since the late 1990s. It wasn’t until 2003, and the World Series of Poker, though, that the industry saw a boom in popularity. Poker websites are legal in many countries around the world, most significantly in the United Kingdom.

The online version is very similar to in-person gaming. Players are matched other individuals on the site willing to buy into the same pot.  While they can’t physically see each other, there are some benefits, such as a faster rate of play, lower overhead costs, and the ability to play multiple tables at once.

Slot Sites

The game play between brick and mortar and online slot sites is nearly identical. The primary difference is that online players do not have the physical limitations associated with manually pressing buttons or pulling levers. Generally speaking, both styles of players can expect payouts anywhere from 75 to 98 per cent.

Slot machines fall into Category A, B, or C, depending on the payout. Note that some online gambling sites claim their highest percentage of revenue from slot games. Some operators will publish their payout percentage audits on their site somewhere, so players can see where they have the highest odds of winning.

What You Can Expect When Using Websites Not on GamStop

Gambling sites not on GamStop have a couple of similarities, no matter where their headquarters are. Each site utilities similar mechanisms to circumvent self-exclusion. Here are a few of the common characteristics:

Licensed Outside of the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) oversees GamStop. The public entity is responsible for regulating gambling sites in Great Britain, including casinos, table games, bingo, lotteries, and slot machines. Some of its functions also include issuing a UKGC license to casinos, monitoring operations, and cracking down on illicit behavior.

Because GamStop is a British self-exclusion scheme, one way to avoid it is to select casinos not registered within the UK. Perhaps the most popular destination is Curacao, a small island in the Caribbean Sea near Venezuela.  Curacao is well-known for its favorable oversight of gambling sites, inexpensive licensing processes, and generous tax laws.

Casino operators only need a single license to set up in Curacao. That applies to people creating a bingo site, spins sites, or sportsbook. Some examples of Curacao egaming casinos not on GamStop include Split Aces, Gale & Martin, Napoli Casino, and Majesty Slots.

The UKGC does not have authority over these institutions. It can’t force these Curacao egaming gambling sites to comply with GamStop and to seek regulation.  Furthermore, it is simple to set up an online or live casino in Monaco, Malta, Cyprus, and the Isle of Man.

Global Audience

Casinos not on GamStop typically have a global audience. This broad marketing approach makes sense considering the regulations and restrictions of GamStop UK. For instance, many sites not on Gamstop will feature multiple languages beyond English.

Wider Game Play Options

The only limits to gambling sites are in the imagination. For instance, players do not have to worry about finding a live casino that offers both table games and sports betting. There are fewer restrictions, unlike GamStop UK locations, which up until 2005, prohibited licensed gambling venues from betting and selling alcohol at the same time.

Another tantalizing feature of sites not on GamStop is the sizable bonuses. As mentioned earlier, online casinos operators do not have the same overhead costs as their brick and mortar competitors. Instead of paying for a physical location and the associated expenses, the gambling sites can offer sweet bonuses. Here are some of the casino bonus offers for players who enter casinos not registered with GamStop can take advantage of:

  • 14 Red Casino: 350 per cent €1,200 and 150 spins
  • All Wins Casino: 400 per cent bonus to €800 and 50 spins
  • Club Lounge Casino: 400 per cent bonus up to £1,500 and 150 spins
  • Lord of the Spins: 400 per cent bonus up to €800 and 50 spins
  • Majesty Slots Casino: 250 per cent bonus up to €2,000 and 50 free spins
  • Rufus Casino: 300 per cent up to €1,500 and 50 spins
  • Spicy Spins: 500 per cent up to £3,000 and 150 spins
  • Split Aces: 400 per cent bonus up to €1,500 and 150 free spins on Betsoft games
  • SpinUp Casino: 300 per cent up to €1,000 and 100 spins
  • Stay Lucky Casino: 300 per cent up to €1,000 and 100 spins

Additionally, operators of casinos not on GamStop do not have to follow Know Your Customer procedures. These guidelines are a way of holding UKGC casinos accountable for customer interactions and mitigate the chance of financial crime. One of the benefits of casinos without Know Your Customer procedures is that it is easier to deposit and withdraw money.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does GamStop Work?

GamStop, now owned by it’s board members, is the largest online gambling self-exclusion scheme in the UK.  The idea is that people with a gambling addiction can curb their habits through the program. It prevents users from signing on to any online casinos or gambling sites registered with GamStop.

GamStop is a free service that gamblers can check into whenever they want — leaving is not as simple. The self-exclusion lasts for six months, one year, or five years, so if someone wants to gamble online again after four months, they are stuck.

The first step is to create an account on the GamStop website, which will require identity confirmation. Players enter specific information including but not limited to address, name, date of birth, email address, and phone number.

Once registered for GamStop services, those details can be updated at any time on the site. If someone wants to stop gambling, they can select one of the three self-exclusion periods. The agency will then use the information in the database to prevent the individual from creating new accounts or logging back on to gambling sites covered by GamStop.

The self-exclusion takes up to 24 hours to begin. During this period, GamStop does offer advice and resources to curb gambling addiction. However, it can’t prevent casino games from sending emails, promotions, advertisements, or other solicitations to members.

The main goal of GamStop is to provide help to people who can’t necessarily help themselves. Self-exclusion is a simple and straightforward scheme that supports fair-weathered and chronic gamblers alike. The UKGC makes the entire program voluntary as to allow people a sense of agency over their decisions.

Phone Number
0800 138 6518

Participating Companies

Not Registered Sites

Exclusion Period
6 months, 1, 5 years

Does the UKGC Do Anything About Casinos Not Being Blocked by GamStop?

All gambling sites in the UK fall under the jurisdiction of the UKGC. While a majority of casinos register with GamStop, it is not a prerequisite. There are a number of bingo, scratch card, and betting websites that do not have self-exclusion options.

The scheme is a good-faith effort to help people with gambling addiction. However, it also limits the potential number of customers. Therefore, there is an incentive for casinos not to offer GamStop.

Individuals can see whether or not an online gambling site complies with the UKGC. The governing body, which the government created as part of the Gambling Act 2005, covers all forms of gambling from bingo to baccarat. Still, there are limitations when it comes to overseeing remote or online gambling.

The UKGC can do little to deter sites not covered through its jurisdiction. As a result, havens for gamblers have popped in Curacao, Malta, and Monaco. These countries do not require casinos to register on GamStop and make it easier to obtain a gaming license.

Unlike their counterparts in Curacao, mainland casinos have a more difficult time getting around GamStop. As of September 2019, the UKGC is moving towards policies that make registering on GamStop a condition for obtaining a license. There are some concerns that GamStop requires further development before it can be a mandatory feature to get a gambling license.

When Should I Use a Casino Not Signed Up on GamStop?

Whether or not a casino has GamStop is only one part of the gambling experience. The scheme is a voluntary service that people can enter or ignore. The UKGC can’t force players to sign up on GamStop.

Still, there are fundamental differences between casinos websites with and without GamStop. These differences harken back to the guidelines of the UKGC. The governing body deliberately makes it challenging for entrepreneurs to set up a gambling operation using regulations and licensing. These standards require a higher level of accountability than casinos not on Gamestop.

Pros of Gambling Sites Not on GamStop

The number one benefit of casinos not on GamStop is the lack of restrictions. For instance, the UKGC does not allow free spins, among other casino bonus offers. Free spins can be a useful tool to attract new customers and provide players with incentives to enter the online casino.

A casino not on GamStop does not have to follow Know Your Customer (KYC) protocol. The British KYC require players to verify their identity, show proof of funds, and prove residency before placing a single bet. These hurdles are meant to protect the casino operators and the gamblers, though both parties may view it as a hassle.

An indirect benefit of using casino sites not registered with Gamestop is laxer taxes. Curacao is a perfect example. If players win big on a  site with a Curacao license, “There are no local taxes to be paid… Also, there are no betting taxes.” Typically, the only fee from a casino with a Curacao license is an exchange fee to changes the currency from US dollars to whatever money an individual wants.

Casinos not registered with Gamestop typically have a wider range of play options. For starters, operators of online casinos do not have the physical and capital restrictions associated with traditional casinos. They also do not have to follow the guidelines when it comes to offering specific games.

For instance, the UKGC restricts GamStop casinos from gamification. Put another way: GamStop casino sites can’t market their products in a way that deliberately appeals to players under 18 years old. Therefore, GamStop casino players will not see treasure maps, pop culture references, virtual worlds, animated characters, or loot boxes in their casino games.

An example is the gambling commission restricting free spins. While there are some ways to sidestep this rule, the idea is that casino bonus offers like free spins promote mindless play. The ultimate concern would be that additional spins “hook” people so that they play until they recoup their losses or run out of money.

Not all operators of GamStop casino sites are fans of this guideline.  As a result, the UKGC is working with casinos to make bonus offers like free spins more accessible without compromising the guidelines or protection of players. One solution is to rename free spins to casino spins, extra spins, or slots spins with the intent of mitigating lucrative welcoming bonuses.

Cons of Sites Not on GamStop

The clear drawback of casinos not on GamStop is that there is no self-exclusion scheme. These online casinos want players to break any potential addiction through personal agency rather than a governmental one. Having this safety valve can provide players peace of mind knowing they can stop at any time, but also makes quitting more difficult.

More importantly, GamStop casinos make a concerted effort to protect customers. That includes Know Your Customer procedures to ensure verified gambling as well as marketing campaigns that do not solicit minors. While the house inherently holds the edge, it provides the resources for customers to walk away from the casinos on their own terms.

Additionally, casinos under the UKGC come with more transparency. Visitors can rely on play protection laws, fair games, and randomized results without a fear of bias. There is also operator accountability as casinos have to answer directly to the gambling commission if they break a rule.

Are Winnings from Non-GamStop Casinos Tax-Free?

Like many of the pros and cons of non-GamStop casinos, tax-free winnings do not depend on GamStop. This result relies on whether or not the casino falls under UKGC regulation. The licensing location will dictate how much players have to pay in taxes.

Many gambling institutions choose to operate from the Caribbean because of friendly tax laws. These laws may allow players to take home everything they earn, regardless of whether they are playing table games, poker, or slots. Check the online gambling site for more information about its licensing and withholding policies.

Is GamStop Right for Me?

Casinos not under GamStop have a sizable number of benefits. Even though they can be an appealing source of entertainment, these casinos may not be for everyone. Here are a couple of criteria that can help decide if GamStop is right for you.

You Should Play at Sites Not Covered with GamStop If:

  • The gamification features, such as the 3D graphics from Betsoft, do not sway you to play more
  • Getting free spins is a bonus but does not make or break the gambling experience
  • You enjoy the potential for huge bonuses
  • You know when to quit
  • You want the chance to play for more than you can lose
  • You have control over your gambling habits

You Should Not Play at a Casino Not on GamStop If:

  • You have a gambling addiction or a history of gambling problems
  • You are trying to make up for previous losses
  • You are deliberating hiding your gambling habits from friends, family, or employers

Can Players Cancel Self-Exclusion?

According to GamStop, the self-exclusion will remain in effect until the minimum duration is up. Only after that milestone can players return to GamStop and ask for reinstatement. Participants can only self-exclude themselves and not friends or family members.

On the face of it, the UKGC completely cuts players off from casinos through GamStop. These individuals can’t sign up for casinos with a UKGC license and, if they do, the commission will block them. Of course, there are loopholes.

One way to get around the GamStop self-exclusion scheme is to use incorrect information during the registration process. While the gambling commission has made more rigorous ID checks a priority, a BBC Radio 5 investigation showed that players can circumvent the system by misspelling their name, using payment methods in someone else’s name, or providing an incorrect postal code. The system does not always exclude those players that it should.

Another system, the Multi-Operator Self Exclusion Scheme (MOSES), has a similar flaw. In 2017, a BBC 5 Live producer excluded himself from 21 betting shops in Grimsby, Lincolnshire while using MOSES. The producer then went to each one of the betting shops and placed a bet at 19 of them.

While these anecdotes are alarming, there is hope for self-exclusion. According to a survey from the charity GambleAware, “83 per cent said that it had been effective in reducing or stopping their gambling activity and 71 per cent said they have not attempted to use their nominated betting shops since signing up.” Overall, the program has a demonstrable effect when trying to limit gambling problems, though the protocol is far from bulletproof.

Are There Other Self-Exclusion Schemes?

While GamStop is currently the largest self-exclusion scheme, it is not the only one. Players can regain control of their lives through various computer and mobile applications to block online gambling. Here are some of the other ways for players to limit their gambling.


Gamban is the paid version of GamStop. The company offers a 14-day free trial followed by an annual fee of 29 euros. While there is no technological replacement for will power, Gamban is the next best thing.

Users download the software on their Mac, Windows, iOS, or Android devices. After setting up an account, the software runs in the background, out of sight and out of mind. If someone tries to access content with gambling or play features, Gamban does not permit access.

The application takes temptation away and is more robust than GamStop. While there are ways to circumvent GamStop, Gamban provides a complete self-exclusion on all phones, tablets, computers, and electronic devices. Of course, Gamban can’t stop players from physically going to casinos or using gambling applications on family members’ phones.


GamBlock works on the same principles as Gamban. The software blocks access to gaming website and applications. If someone tries to log on to an online casino, GamBlock will redirect people to its website.

The advanced software regularly updates, too, to block new casinos, betting parlours, and bingo sites. Currently, the software is only available on Windows and Android devices and costs $163.78 per year with a wide array of payment methods. Other features include:

  • Blocking individual website pages, not entire websites
  • Blocking games on Facebook and other social media sites with gambling
  • Works with VPN /TOR network
  • Users can transfer GamBlock between devices
  • Blocks incoming or outgoing calls to gambling companies


GamCare is technically not a self-exclusion site. Instead, it provides information and resources to individuals struggling with gambling. If someone is looking to take a first step towards quitting, GamCare may be one of the first resources they consult.

Gamblers can take a short test on the site to measure their overall vulnerability. The self-assessment features 16 statements, and people gauge how accurate it is to their lives. For instance, GamCare will say “Sometimes I lose track of time when I am gambling”, and people respond with a number from one to ten, where ten means the statement completely applies.

GamCare offers additional confidential and complimentary services. Users can speak with an advisor 24 hours a day, seven days a week via phone or chat. There are even online message board forums, so participants can talk about their situation and explore solutions.

There are other organizations available for people struggling with gambling. That includes Count Me Out, the Gordon Moody Association, and Gamblers Anonymous. Each provides a forum for individuals to get gambling habits under control with the help of expert counselors.

The Bottom Line

GamStop is a resourceful tool for players looking to quell gambling habits. The platform provides help and assistance that can move people toward their personal goals. While the tool isn’t perfect, here are a couple of things to know about GamStop UK.

  • Gamestop is not affiliated with gaming sites of the UKGC
  • The service is voluntary and free
  • There are paid alternatives, such as GamBlock and Gamban
  • Bans last for six months up to five years and prevent people from logging on to existing accounts or creating new ones at GamStop casinos

Using GamStop is a personal decision. People who opt into GamStop casinos typically want peace of mind knowing that there is a safety valve for them to quit. However, high stakes players, professional gamblers, or adrenaline junks may not want that solace.

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