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If you are new to the world of online gambling, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the offer of hundreds of online casinos, bonuses, flashy casino games, and outrageous promises of vast amounts of money.

It is essential to familiarize yourself with the casino games, different platforms and types of software, and the security aspect of this exciting online world before you commit to anything.

New players have a perfect opportunity to test the waters, trying out different online casinos without the need to make a deposit. Using no deposit bonus promotions by various online casinos in the UK is a risk-free option for all players willing to try something new. You may even find a gaming experience you love—from the comfort of your own browser.

We have prepared a detailed guide about the no deposit casino options, no deposit bonus codes, how to claim these sums, the wagering requirement of these websites, and a selection of online casinos currently offering free spins no deposit promotions.

Our guide is for the new, inexperienced player that would like to give online casino games a go, including wild slot games, table favourites (like live roulette), and other new online gameplay.

What are No Deposit Bonus Codes?

No deposit bonus codes are a type of a casino bonus that is intended to attract new players, especially those who are a bit reluctant to start gambling with their own money.

Making a jump to real money games can be stressful for new casino players that have so far enjoyed casual play money games or friendly wagers in a local casino.

No deposit promotions are extremely popular since it does not require a player to make a deposit to claim the bonus money. The casino bonuses usually offer a small amount of real money, along with some free spins for online slots or other new online casino games.

The no-deposit bonus promotions are a teaser for a better casino experience, where new players get a taste of the action at a specific website before making a decision on the first deposit.

No deposit free spins promotions are a standalone feature intended for new players only. Claiming this bonus requires potential players to register at the online casino website and then apply a username, password, and other necessary information to gain access to the online casino games. During this registration procedure, there is usually a field on the form for a bonus code. It is where a new player will copy the bonus code to activate the promotion and receive the funds into the casino account.

Since ‘no deposit required’ promotions target new players, online casinos limit the opportunities for scammers and professional bonus hunters to take advantage of the bonus rounds. A free no deposit bonus is limited to one deposit deal per account.

Once a free no deposit bonus code is active, a player has a certain day expiry limitation. At this time, the player needs to fulfil all the requirements and terms and conditions outlined in the promotion before gaining the option to withdraw the cash reward from the website. Most online casinos use a 7 day expiry policy for most of the free spin no deposit promotions.

In addition to the time limit, these promotion wins always come with wagering requirements that require a certain multiplier playthrough of the bonus amount before releasing payments for withdrawal. A bunch of online casino games contribute to the wagering requirements, such as online slot game selection, live casino games, online table games or other house games.

Once all the T&C are met, the online casino will activate the withdrawal option on the accounts, and you will be able to make the max withdrawal allowed by the website.

What is a Wagering Requirement?

The wagering requirement is a policy that most of the online casinos implement to encourage players to play out the bonus cash before withdrawing any of the winnings. It is a crucial step in maintaining the integrity of the promotion and preventing scammers and hit&go experts from running away with the bonus money, without any intention of staying and playing at the online casino in the long term.

The easiest way to explain wagering requirements is by example—let’s say that you have a $100 bonus from an online casino and you are free to play any featured game. A wagering requirement is a limitation set on any winnings that might stem from that bonus money (that you have used to play on the casino site).

The limitation is set on the withdrawal so that a new player has to play that bonus credit a certain number of times before the money becomes eligible for unrestricted withdrawal.

If the wagering requirement set by an online casino is 12X, then to withdraw the example of $100 from the online casino, a player has to wager at least $1,200 in bets by playing slot games, lightning roulette, or any other casino games that are eligible for the bonus. Once the wagering requirement has been met, the bonus balance along with the additional winnings you’ve earned will become available for withdrawal.

Wagering requirements are meant to discourage certain players that the community refers to as the “bonus hunters.” These players exclusively look for a bonus offer to exploit to withdraw the bonus credit as soon as possible. These punters do not offer loyalty to a particular online casino, but rather jump around looking for casino promotions all the time.

What are Free Spins?

Free spins are a type of online casino bonus promotion that promotes the online slot game. The online casino will provide a player with a certain number of free spins (usually at the lowest wager level) to use on the slot game of their choice. It is the perfect way for the casino to promote a particular online slot game that might not be getting enough traffic on the casino page.

Free no deposit spins are often given to new players when they join a new website. Still, the free spins are not reserved for no deposit promotions exclusively but are used with other promotions that an online casino might run.

Promotions such as welcome bonus, first deposit bonus, or a reload bonus often come with free spins as well.

Any winnings stemming from free spin promotions on online slots are tied to wagering requirements that need to be met to make the winnings eligible for withdrawal.

Now that you are more familiar with no deposit bonus promotions, it is time to introduce the types of online casino games that you will be wagering on during the promotion.

Live Casino Games

Live casino games are enjoying a surge in popularity lately, as a perfect blend of the online casino games’ convenience and a comparable atmosphere to the brick-and-mortar casinos. It is a relatively new product for most of the online casino gaming providers, as the technology and broadband internet connection only recently managed to catch up to provide a quality gambling experience.

Live casino games are limited only to the table and card games against the house, such as roulette, blackjack, ultimate Texas Hold ’em poker, dice, and more. The online casino software provides an interactive playing board and controls that a player can use to make wagers (and control the flow of the game). It also sports a live stream from a casino building of the actual game taking place so that you can enjoy an immersive experience.

It helps many sceptics overcome the fear of the games being rigged by the online casino games software, for example. The player can watch a real dealer spin the roulette wheel and throw the ball in a physical casino, waiting for the outcome of the wager with bated breath.

It is easy to forget the importance of the atmosphere in gambling, but live casino games are the closest that you can come to an experience in a physical casino.

Live casino games often do not cover the whole catalogue of the online casinos, but rather the most popular games. These live casino games often come with higher wagering limits compared to a regular online slot game, which makes it a bit tricky for beginners and inexperienced players.

Online Casino Games and Slots

Online casino games and slots are the bread and butter of the online casino industry.

It is easy to learn and to play, and there is a huge selection available at each online casino. It does not offer the same atmosphere that live casino games do, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t advantages to this style of play.

The most obvious benefit is the speed—online casino games and slots are quicker, and experienced players can put in more productive time at the tables and slots than in a regular casino.

The online slot game craze has never been more prominent, with a massive variety of jackpot slots available across multiple platforms. Slot games are the easiest to learn, and by far the most popular type of online casino games.

Playing online slot machines also opens the opportunity to be eligible for additional bonuses, free spins, and rainbow jackpots that the online casino might be offering.

One of the favourite slot games right now is the Book of Dead slot game. It is based on one of the most popular brick-and-mortar slot game favourites called the Book of Ra. It has enjoyed a meteoric rise in attention lately and is currently available on most platforms and online casinos.

Book of Dead slot game was developed by Play ‘N Go (all rights reserved) one of the most innovative developers of online gambling solutions.

Online casino games contribute to most of the bonus clearance T & Cs as one of the best ways to meet the wagering requirement for the first deposit and no deposit bonus promotions. The same holds for any online slots you might choose, with the addition of free spins that come from a welcome bonus, first deposit bonus, or reload bonus.

Usually, T & Cs are quite clear if there is a specific restriction on the games.

Make sure to gamble responsibly, though. Look for casinos that have an 18 sign. The 18 is a fantastic organization that focuses on educating and helping people that suffer from gambling addiction.

Gambling addiction is a devastating social problem not exclusive to any UK casino. It can devastate families and lead to terrible circumstances. Check out the 18 website for more details. has an excellent gambling helpline, as well.

Online Bingo

Bingo is one of the oldest games of luck, and it has gone mainstream in most countries. The majority of lotteries across the globe use a form of bingo as the best gaming activity for those massive prizes and sweepstakes.

Bingo has built a strong following of players online, as well. The advantage of online bingo games over traditional ones is that there is always a bingo game ready to begin. You can choose the bonus stakes and type of bingo games you are interested in playing, for example.

If you are looking for some rapid bingo action, Speed Bingo (rights reserved) is the game for you. The entire bingo game is over within minutes, and then you are free to play again.

For those who are bingo purists and prefer the classical approach to the game, most of the online casinos offer Bingo 75 and Bingo 99 (rights reserved). The numbers in the games represent the number of balls used for drawing. Bingo 75 has 75 balls numbered from 1 to 75, while Bingo 99 has 99 balls numbered from 1 to 99.

These games are more time-intensive than the Speed Bingo but offer a more authentic bingo experience.

Bingo is incredibly fun. It’s a social game that draws crowds, and you can easily enjoy the same type of excitement from the privacy of your own home via the internet as you do in a bingo hall. Feel free to check out the offer of bingo games online and find the online casino that best suits your needs.

Remember, play responsibly for the best gaming experience (even in bingo).

Online Casino Jackpot

The jackpot has become synonymous with the image of success at a casino. It is literally the stuff that most gambling dreams are made of, from rainbow riches to monopoly megaways.

It is an elusive aspiration for almost all players at table games and slot game machines. A jackpot is a special prize that usually means that a player has managed to hit a rare occasion. Players also love it when the casino has to pay out a significant sum.

Jackpots are integrated into most of the casino games and it is not unusual for a single casino to be running multiple jackpot promotions simultaneously. For example, a separate bonus for typical types of online slots, jackpot at the card table or even roulette.

The most popular jackpots are the networked kind, where several games are filling a huge jackpot. The prize can be won on several games available in the casino, and the competition is stiff.

There are also more creative jackpot solutions, like a Bad Beat Jackpot. Casinos use it for Texas Hold ‘Em players that experience a loss in a hand where they were the overwhelming favourite to win, for example.

Jackpots always draw people because winning represents a dream and sum of money that could literally change someone’s life.

Online Casino Bonus

In this section, we will cover the casino bonus offer.

At the beginning of the guide, we covered the free no deposit bonus and how it is a great chance for new players to experience the casino games offer. We will also cover other bonus offers with a deposit required.

First Deposit Bonus

The name of the bonus is self-explanatory—it is a bonus awarded by the casino to a player who makes a first official deposit on the gambling platform.

First deposit bonus offers usually include a percentage (and a maximum sum) that can be claimed through a first deposit bonus.

An example of a first deposit bonus is 100% up to $500 deposit bonus. It means that the online casino will 100% match any first deposit bonus of the players up to $500. If players deposit $100, they will receive a $100 bonus from the casino. A deposit of $800 will not unlock an $800 bonus, though. Rather the maximum amount of $500.

A first deposit bonus is an excellent way to garner some extra funds when starting on a new platform. Nothing beats the free no deposit bonus, but this is a close second.

These types of deposits are subject to certain T & C that need to be followed to unlock the bonus. There is also a playthrough requirement.

Most online casino games contribute to the playthrough requirements that players must follow, and once the requirements have been met for the free no deposit promotion, the withdrawal will be one that’s available to players.

Most of the first deposit bonuses also have a time limit on the promotion (usually a 7 day expiry). The 7 day expiry is an industry-standard, but a casino may set their own rules for a bonus.

The first deposit bonus offer is one of the best offers an online casino will make, outside of a free no deposit bonus. Games like online slots and table games contribute to the wagering or playthrough requirements that affect all the players using the bonus offer.

The bonus is easily activated by registering on the casino website using a username & password, along with the bonus code and necessary contact and payment information. The offer is active as soon one or more forms are filled out, and your account is loaded with an initial deposit bonus.

Welcome Bonus

A welcome bonus is nearly identical to the first deposit bonus but often includes additional benefits to the regular first deposit bonus offer from an online casino. Additional benefits might include free promotions for slot games, vouchers or tickets for tournaments or one of the table games, as well as extra rewards credited to your account.

The same rules, such as 7 day expiry, wagering requirements, max withdrawal, and T&Cs apply to all players using the welcome bonus offer from the casino.

Check out one or more of the casino offers that we mention at the end of this guide to see which welcome bonus offers the best value to you.

Reload Bonus

If a free no deposit bonus is aimed at new players, the reload bonus focuses on returning players that have shown loyalty to one particular casino.

These rewards work in a similar way to the welcome and initial deposit bonus. As the players deposit additional funds into their accounts, they are credited with more bonus money subject to the terms and conditions of the reload bonus promotion.

A reload bonus is an ideal way to secure additional value from continuing to play on the same platform and casino. It shows that the casino values the loyalty of its return customers.

The reload bonus is a “deposit required” promotion. For example, if players deposit £20, they might receive an equivalent of the deposit (£20) in free bonus money.

For the bonus funds in your account to be eligible for withdrawal certain T & Cs apply. The wagering requirements are at the centre of the promotion and players have to play through the reload bonus sum a certain number of times before it becomes eligible for max withdrawal.

Online slot games contribute to the wagering requirements, as well as most of the table games.

Game-Specific Bonuses

Some casinos offer game-specific bonuses that apply to certain online slots or table games.

These bonuses are for passionate players that are hooked on a specific casino game. It is also a great way for the casino to promote underperforming online slots.

These types of promotions are often short-term and change frequently. It is because the casino wants players to try a number of different online slots and table games before deciding to dig in and focus on a single game (or two).

Game-specific bonuses are often part of a free no deposit bonus offer. The game-specific bonuses become active once a player registers with a username & password and fills in the bonus code.

Loyalty Programs

Most of the bigger online casinos offer some type of loyalty program for their players.

Loyalty programs reward regular customers by providing rewards to customers that keep returning to the tables at the same casino. These rewards can be in the form of a Rakeback payment to the account of the customer (a percentage of the money wagered at the tables is returned to the customer account), additional free no deposit rewards for slot games, or table games, and physical prizes.

Some loyalty programs go as far as to offer fantastic trips and gambling experiences to players who demonstrate extraordinary loyalty and spend a lot at the tables. If you are a passionate player and spend a lot of time in online casinos, finding a casino with the best loyalty programs can do wonders for your overall gambling experience. It may even secure your VIP status.

Best Online Casinos in the UK

In the previous section, we covered the most popular bonus types that you will see on online casino platforms, and finally, it is time to cover the best casino platforms for UK players.

The choice of an online casino has a tremendous impact on the overall gambling experience and customer satisfaction, too.

Casinos are working hard to attract loyal customers through promotions, loyalty programs, and other special rewards. We have researched several non gamstop casinos that accept UK players and tried to identify casinos that offer great value to new players, especially the no deposit bonuses.

Here are the four casinos that stand out amongst the competition.

888 Casino

£88 FREE No Deposit Bonus

888Casino is one of the most popular online casinos in the world with millions of players across the globe.

Since 888 Casino offers some of the best bonuses in the business, it’s easy to see why it’s popular. A modern and innovative gambling experience on the proprietary platform also has a fantastic VIP program for players that spend time at the tables.

At the centre of the promotions is the fantastic 888 Casino £88 free no deposit promotion.

It is available only to new players that register at 888 Casino, which offers a selection of online slots and table games where you can use the free £88. The games include Rise of the Pharaohs, Millionaire Genie, Irish Riches, and Treasure Fair online slots, along with roulette and blackjack games.

888 Casino offers a 100% (up to £140) welcome bonus for new customers making a deposit.

For those with bigger appetites, there is also a Premium Welcome Package with up to £1,500 (100%) bonus for deposits within the first week playing at the 888 Casino. Game-specific and daily promotions are running as well, frequently changing to offer something new for the players.

888 Casino has been in business for more than twenty years and has built a reputation for being secure, reliable, and dedicated to customer satisfaction. The platform also accepts all the major funding and withdrawal options.

888 Casino is our No. 1 online casino choice for UK players. It boasts a fantastic offer of casino games, coupled with world-class bonuses and promotions, and a secure platform, which is a recipe for success.

Pink Casino

£10 FREE No Deposit Bonus

Pink Casino has been making waves recently due to its sponsorships of major reality TV shows, like Big Brother UK and The Bachelor. In reality, Pink Casino is a modern online casino with an emphasis on providing an interactive gambling experience to the players. It has more than 400 slots games available, and one of the best slot games offers in the world.

At the centre of the offering is the £10 FREE promotion that does not require a deposit.

Each new player that registers at Pink Casino is eligible to claim a £10 FREE bonus in their account, as long they provide the bonus code when registering on the website. The bonus can be used for online slots and all the other games that are eligible for the promotion.

Before the £10 FREE can be withdrawn, the 99X wagering requirement has to be met within 7 days. So, for a £10 FREE bonus, a playthrough of £990 is necessary for any withdrawal of the winnings.

The platform also offers a £50 bonus for first-time depositors, along with several game-specific promotions for a variety of different slot games.

Pink Casino is sleek, easy to use, and has a comprehensive offer of games. Where it falls short in comparison to 888 Casino is on the promotions and bonuses.


£10 FREE No Deposit Bonus

32Red is another online casino that accepts UK players and offers a great selection of games. With eighteen years of experience in the online gambling world, 32Red has managed to stand out amongst fierce competition within the industry.

The blend of a user-friendly platform and solid bonuses attracts a healthy number of players, too. It is an integrated site, including a sportsbook, poker room, and online casino platform.

The primary promotion for the new players is a £10 FREE promotion that does not require a deposit. Similar to Pink Casino, any new player that registers an account on the 32Red website will receive £10 FREE.

The good news is that the wagering requirement for withdrawing the £10 FREE bonus is 50X, which is far less than Pink Casino. A £500 wager will clear the £10 FREE bonus.

Another promotion is the 150% (up to £150) bonus for first-time depositors, which is fantastic value.

Additional rewards and a loyalty program are available as well, although constantly changing. The only reason 32Red is behind Pink Casino is a rather limited selection of games.

Slot Boss

£10 FREE No Deposit

Slot Boss is a unique online casino that focuses on online slot games.

It might seem limiting but it offers great value for those who are into slots, especially the specialized slots jackpots. If you are a passionate slot game player, this might be the online casino for you.

All new players are eligible for a £10 FREE promotion that does not require a deposit. It’s identical to the £10 FREE promotion that Pink Casino is running, with the same conditions and requirements.

There is a 100% (up to £200) bonus for first-time depositors.

Slot Boss is our final recommendation, for those who exclusively play slots and would like to give some of the jackpots a try.

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