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Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Playing at a casino is fun. But like with every other game, playing in a casino requires skill and a bit of luck to win. When you do win, it’s exciting fun and you could end up with a cash reward for your efforts.

Fortunately, having a great time in a casino no longer requires you to travel or even leave your home. We now have online casinos that let you bet online from the comfort of your computer or smart device.

More and more of these new casino sites are opening every day and many of them are offering eye-popping rewards to outdo the competition and attract new customers. Some of the rewards on these new casino online platforms include placing free bets to have fun and win real money.

But with so many new online casinos out there, telling the difference between which are legit and have the best offers can be tricky.

That doesn’t have to be the case when you have the right information. Here, we have everything important you should know about online casino new platforms – the best ones, how to find them, and more.

Betting Games on a New Casino Site

Every year, several new online casinos are offering unique and interesting betting games online. You can earn rewards, such as cash, bonuses, and more by playing these online games. However,  note that each of these new casino sites has unique terms and conditions (T&Cs) that cover playing games and winning prizes.

For example, UK gamblers typically can’t play on these sites unless they are 18 or above.

To find the best casino website to play games legally and win rewards, you have to compare the features and T&C of available sites. Checking this will uncover which platforms provide the best and most favourable deals. You can easily do this by checking out our reviews of new casino sites.

Many novel sites get new customers by luring them in with promotional offers, such as no-deposit gameplay, welcome bonuses, and free spins. Established casino sites also offer some of the same incentives to new customers, but not to the degree that new casinos do.

Then, there are the games. To make sure customers don’t get bored, new casinos typically provide a wide variety of games to play. Not all of the games will be betting games, but the ones with cash rewards usually are.

For example, fans of playing slots in the casino can now enjoy them online. New online casinos take the slot experience to new heights by making it more colourful and exciting, with unique additions that heighten the gameplay.

Other popular online betting games that offer cash rewards include table games like roulette, poker, and blackjack, which you can play live. Sites that provide live casino games are especially popular because they let you play and win in real-time against real people.  Most UK gamblers that participate in live casino games do it via their mobile devices. That means they can have their fun with other people and earn rewards from anywhere, at any time, including while on the move.

If any of the aforementioned games are not your style, other games you can find online are baccarat and craps. Many new casino websites also offer Monopoly, bingo, jackpot games, and a slew of adventure games that reward players with free spins and other incentives to keep playing.

The Attraction of Free Spins

Free spins let you play certain games on betting websites without having to deposit or stake any money. Even though you aren’t betting your own money, any money or other reward you get from gambling with a free spin is yours. Free spins typically come as part of the welcome bonus package of new casino websites. Some offer it after your first deposit, while others provide it immediately after you signup to get you to start playing.  While both old and new casino online platforms offer free spins, the new ones tend to offer more free spins to win over fresh customers. Aside from getting to play games for free, free spins are also great if you are new to the online casino scene. That’s because you are playing without risk and can use it on games like slots that don’t require any particular skill or previous knowledge to have fun – and win!

What to Expect from New Casinos in 2020

The average new UK online casino uses several of the latest online software and technologies to attract new customers and deliver a more satisfying gambling experience. Some of the improvements such new software packages deliver include improving:

  • Security
  • Aesthetics of the website
  • Quality of gameplay
  • Ease of making a deposit or withdrawing winnings
  • Ease of navigating the website

Many new casino platforms are working toward making their platforms more immersive and attractive by taking the focus away from gambling. Instead, the website places more focus on general gameplay and entertainment.

For example, unlike before, more sites are offering jackpot games and other easy games that novices and pro players can enjoy regardless of their skill level. Also, casino bonuses and welcome offers are becoming bigger.

Other ways new platforms are setting themselves apart are by adding gaming elements to their betting. For instance, you may see interactive leaderboards for certain games, indicating who has the high score and other achievements for that game. It’s an attractive element that can convince players to invite their friends to compete and possibly encourage player loyalty.  Some sites have even begun adding virtual reality (VR) technology to their gaming offers, including for slots and other games that look good in VR. One particular aspect where the application of VR is making headway is for live casino games. Soon, with VR technology, you’ll be able to enjoy the three-dimensional experience of playing in a casino without visiting an actual casino. But none of the above implies that new casino platforms are ignoring traditional gambling. In fact, many new online platforms are offering higher roller gambling options to customers who want to bet big and win big on a variety of events.

Why Play on a New UK Casino?

New UK casino websites haven’t been growing in just quantity. They’ve also made great progress in terms of quality. So much so that gambling online in most cases is now cheaper and safer than gambling in person, and yet, is just as rewarding or even more rewarding.  Regarding convenience, there’s the obvious upside that an online casino lets you play games and place bets from anywhere. Also, because online UK casinos operate 24/7, you can log in and have a good time at any hour on any day, regardless of the weather or other disruptive event that’s going on outside.  Think of it this way, would you rather gamble at home and receive your winnings in your bank account or go outside where the Coronavirus is on a rampage?

If you are unenthusiastic about gambling online because of the threat of cybercriminals, that’s understandable, too. Fortunately, the best new online casinos have websites that are optimized for not just gambling enjoyment, but also security.  While some casinos are more secure than others, the average casino website has at least secure SSL encryption and adheres to the best practices laid down by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC). Many of the regulations of the UKGC are made to protect the interest of UK gamblers that play offline and online.

And don’t forget the bonuses. Brick and mortar casinos don’t offer free spins or extra spins to new or old customers, but new online casino sites do.  The online casino market is so competitive, that some new casino platforms are willing to offer as many as 500 free spins to new customers. It’s a perfect opportunity to play games for free and possibly win cash. Aside from bonus spins, there’s the deposit bonus or welcome bonus. Some new casino websites offer you bonuses for simply signing up, while others offer between 100 percent and even up to 200 percent back on your first deposit on the platform. That means if your first deposit on the platform is £20, you can get back £40 or more to gamble with. But note that the T&Cs regarding bonuses will vary from online casino to casino.

Aside from their generous welcome packages, new gambling websites are always pushing the envelope by offering more games and opportunities to win cash. Many of these games and opportunities aren’t available in older gambling websites, much less traditional casinos.  Established online casinos don’t bother offering the above benefits because they aren’t as hungry to get new players and expand their customer base. That’s unlike new websites that will fail if they can’t sign on new players.

Simply put, new casinos will offer everything possible to win and keep your patronage. So, if you are looking for gambling platforms that offer the best deal and will treat you like royalty, new online casinos are the way to go.

What are the Best New Casino in 2020 for UK Players?

While there are a lot of awesome new casinos out there, some are way better than others. The best ones have offers and betting T&Cs that are tailored to give customers the best possible experience. With so many platforms offering differently competitive features, the right casino website for you at the end of the day will depend on your taste and priorities.  For example, your priority may be a casino that offers more spins, more games, live casino, or a higher deposit bonus. To keep things simple, the best casino for you will be the one that offers more of what you want, to the degree you want it. To help you narrow down your choices, below are the newest online casino platforms to check out. Each offers eye-catching qualities to get you playing like a champ.

Casoola Casino

Casoola is a new online casino that’s making waves with its variety of bonus offers. For example, you get a £300 bonus when you sign up and 200 bonus spins. As if that’s not enough, you get a 100 percent deposit bonus on your first four deposits, amounting to up to £1,500.

There are also over a thousand games to play on the platform, ensuring you never get bored.

Casushi Casino

If you want online gambling that rewards you for your loyalty, Casushi is a great choice with its attractive loyalty rewards for regular players. Other attractions are its £50 welcome offer and loads of extra spins.

Temple Nile

Temple Nile wants you to have a good time playing, so it makes things easy with its very mobile-friendly and user-friendly setup, and loads of games. Casino bonuses are also available in bulk with loads of extra spins and a £500 bonus on your first deposit.


You get a welcome offer of up to £300 and 100 bonus spins. You also get bonus “Zee” points

to use for the platform’s custom games.

Casino Gods

Aside from its awesome welcome offer options, such as the £300 bonus and extra spins, Casino Gods is a popular new casino for its quality 24/7 customer support. It also offers a wide variety of games for newbies and gambling aficionados.

Pelaa Casino

The bonus spins and cash may not be as much as those of its competitors, but it makes up for that with lots of games and friendly T&Cs.

Chilli Casino

No welcome cash bonus or cashback on first deposit, but you do get 666 free spins. You can use your bonus spins on the Mega Wheel to win big cash. You also get attractive loyalty rewards and lots of exciting games.


After your first deposit, you get 500 free spins to do with as you please. On the downside, unlike other prominent new casinos, 7Casino offers no cash bonuses.


This easy to navigate website, with over a thousand games and a generous welcome package for new customers, including 200 bonus spins, is fun for players of all abilities.

Play OJO

You get 50 spins just for signing up and, unlike other casinos, no wagering requirements limiting how you can gamble. You can use your bonus spins on any of the casino’s slots.

Kassu Casino

One of the best casinos for mobile players who love big bonuses. You get a £1500 cash bonus and 300 extra spins after signing up. That’s far more than most new and old casinos provide.

Wizard Slots

A great choice for fans of slots. You get 500 free spins upon signing up. If it’s your lucky day, you can use one of your 500 free extra spins on the Mega Wheel to win big.


An attractive £200 cash bonus on your first deposit and 100 bonus spins. But note that the use of the 100 bonus spins is subject to the T&Cs of the site.

How to Pick a New Online Casino for Bets

New online casinos come in different shapes and styles. Not all of them are legit, but those that are, offer various features to make your gaming experience a wholly enjoyable one.

If you are an inexperienced player, you are probably looking for casinos with games you can easily understand and play, and possibly win. Advanced players focus more on features like bonuses, signup ease, security, and more.

Whether you are an advanced or inexperienced player, you can find the best online casinos to have a good time by looking out for the following features:

Promotions & Bonuses

The average online casino website with a solid reputation offers bonuses, such as free spins and cash rewards. But they don’t offer them to the degree a new casino website will. That’s because a new casino is trying to lure in new players. With such free spins and other bonus offers, you can play games for free on casinos and win rewards without staking your money. Before signing up, make sure to confirm what sort of promotions and bonuses a site offers and the applicable T&Cs.

For example, some sites offer 200 bonus spins or up to 500 free spins that you can use to play free games. Some even go further by also offering cash rewards, between £50 and 200 bonus, which you can spend on the platform. On some sites, you can only unlock such bonuses after making your first deposit, while on others, simply signing up unlocks the bonus.

There are also bonuses to reward players for loyal patronage and incentivize them to keep playing.

To identify whether a site’s bonus offer is worth your while, check the applicable T&Cs and wagering requirements. Specific bonus offers to look out for include a welcome bonus, no deposit bonuses, and exclusive bonuses.

Security & Credibility

When new players register on a new site, they have to provide personal information, especially when they want to make withdrawals. In the wrong hands, such private information can make a player vulnerable to fraud and various cyber-attacks.

Online casinos minimize the risk of such by putting in place extensive security measures to protect the data of customers. At the very least, the site should have 128-bit SSL Data Encryption technology to protect any personal details and financial information you enter into the site.

Reputable casinos typically state what sort of security measures they have in place to protect you.

Another way to verify the safety of a new online casino is checking if it has a valid license from the proper regulatory bodies. A UK casino will have a license from the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) and its activities will be subject to the regulations of the body.

Further proof of the casino’s legitimacy and credibility include certifications from AskGamblers and other affiliate sites.

Deposit & Withdrawal Options

Good online casinos make depositing cash to place bets and winnings withdrawal easy and safe. You should be able to deposit and withdraw through various options, ranging from direct bank transfers to the use of credit and debit cards. Some even let you withdraw or deposit with popular cryptocurrencies.

Not only must the process of withdrawing or depositing be easy, but it must also be quick. That is, you should be able to complete the process within a few simple steps. Furthermore, the amount you deposit should be visible in your casino account as soon as the transaction is complete. Withdrawals should also be visible in your bank account within a short time.

Aside from bank account and credit card transfers, top sites also let UK players make payments via recognised mediums like Neteller, Trustly, Skrill, Wire Transfer,and others.

Software Provider

An online betting site runs purely on software. If you’ve ever tried a site where you experienced slow processes, nonsensical gaming, cheap graphics, cluttered interface, and other interface issues, it’s usually due to poor software.

Quality sites use software that’s secure, efficient, and also user-friendly for players. For the best experience, you should stick with casinos that have a leading software supplier running their site. The name of the software provider is typically at the bottom of the website.

Popular software providers for leading casino platforms include Evolution Gaming, Playtech, Extreme Live Gaming, Microgaming, NetEnt, and Amaya. Products from these companies are usually cutting edge with impressive graphics and a top-notch user interface.

Customer Support

Quality customer support is essential for an enjoyable user experience on a casino website. Without effective customer support, if you run into an issue on a website, rectifying the issue can become a real hassle.

Most casinos provide customer support as a FAQ page that answers the most common questions of players. But that’s not enough. Players should also be able to reach a real person to get help when necessary.

Leading casinos offer 24/7 customer service that players can easily reach via phone, email, live chat, and in some cases, video call. The details on how to reach customer support should be easily accessible on the site and every customer representative should have training on being polite, helpful, and responsive.

Also, regardless of the medium which a player uses to contact customer support, the company should be able to provide a quick and effective solution to the customer’s query. That’s important because playing on an online casino involves money. If customers can’t trust a casino to promptly solve a problem involving money, then that casino may not be trustworthy.

You can verify the quality of a new online casino’s customer support by checking reviews or calling them yourself to ask some questions about their services.

Game Selection

The more games there are on an online casino, the more ways you can have fun, earn cash and other rewards. For example, many of the best new casinos offer live casino options. Through live casino games, you can play against other players in real-time, like you are in an actual casino.

Also, since not everyone has the knowledge and skill to play popular betting games like blackjack or poker, it’s nice when a platform offers easier games that a new player can easily start and enjoy. For example, slots, bingo, Wheel Spins, and more.

So, before joining a casino platform, make sure it offers games that you don’t need a manual to enjoy.

Supported Devices

Not every casino website works well on every device. For example, some sites may look and work great on a computer, but not on a smartphone.

Also, some casino & betting websites are available as mobile apps for iOS or Android. Whether you intend on using the app or visiting the actual website to play games, be sure to first verify that it works seamlessly on your preferred devices.

Are Online Betting Games Fair?

When the games on a betting platform aren’t fair, you have very little chance of winning.

If an online casino is fully licensed by the UKGC, you can expect its games to be fair. Games on such platforms use a Random Number Generator (RNG) to generate numbers at random for every dice roll and random card pulled out of a deck.

How an RNG works is by ensuring that plays will be unpredictable and not follow any pattern. And to ensure that a casino doesn’t rig its RNG to favour the house, approved independent testing agencies randomly check on them. Examples of such agencies include eCOGRA and Technical Systems Testing.

If you suspect the games on a casino website are rigged, you can submit a complaint to eCOGRA.

Who can Legally Play at Online Casinos?

The last thing you want is to deposit on an online casino and discover you can’t withdraw your winnings. Such might occur if it’s discovered that you aren’t legally allowed to use the platform.

The laws governing who can legally play on an online casino vary from country to country. That’s because there’s no applicable international law governing online gambling. So, if you gamble on a website while in the UK and play on that same website in a different country, the applicable law will be that of the country you are in while playing.

But note that gambling, be it online or offline, is completely illegal in some countries. In other countries, gambling is allowed as long as money isn’t involved.

In the UK, online betting is legal as long as the online casino has a valid license and the player is at least 18 years old.

What are “Rogue” Casinos and How to Avoid them

Several new online betting platforms are “rogue.” Such platforms are called rogue because of unscrupulous practices. For example, the games on such platforms may be unfair or rigged to take advantage of players.

Other aspects of rogue platforms include:

  • Exploiting players by altering the T&Cs of games without notice
  • Rejecting payments or withdrawals without proper justification
  • Fake reviews
  • Fake spins and bonus offers
  • Unresponsive customer support

To avoid falling prey to such a casino, check if it has the proper licenses from the UKGC and if their software provider is reputable. Also, check out online reviews on reputable sources, not just reviews on the casino’s website.

If you believe that a new online casino is being dodgy, you can place a complaint with the UKGC. Other bodies you can complain to include AskGambler or the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA).


Like we mentioned, more than 50 percent of UK players now gamble online via their smart devices. In response to this growing interest in gambling online, new casino websites are coming out and attracting new customers with juicy bonus and promotional offers.

You can try out these new online betting platforms to play games and win big. But for your safety and to ensure you get your winnings, remember to only use trustworthy platforms that have a solid reputation.

Many of the best new online platforms with great bonuses are listed here. But more will likely join the market before the end of this year. To stay abreast of the latest and safest casino websites with the juiciest websites, keep checking here.

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