Beat the Odds with GamBlock [2020] Gambling Prevention Software

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Gambling addiction is based on a compulsive, chronic, or psychological need—and it can be devastating. Unlike substance addictions, gambling addiction rarely has physical ramifications, but interpersonally and financially, it can do just as much damage. While it can be overcome, the road to recovery is difficult to go alone.

GamBlock provides a solution—a helping hand in recovery. The company offers software that cuts off interactions with gaming products so that users can begin withdrawal and move toward a healthier lifestyle. Let’s take a more in-depth look at what this program can and can’t do.

What Is GamBlock?

David Warr started GamBlock in 2000. The company, which has headquarters in Victoria, Australia, creates software that blocks gaming site use. Users can download the software to their desktop, tablets, or mobile devices. GamBlock operates on Windows, Mac, and Android systems.

Let’s say someone downloads GamBlock, and a week later wants to place a bet at William Hill. The software, which runs continuously in the background, will prevent the user from accessing the site because it recognizes there is gambling content present. Instead, GamBlock redirects users to the default homepage.

GamBlock is a form of self-exclusion. It is a policy someone enacts as a way of curbing their gambling habits. GamBlock is a paid-product, but users can voluntarily sign up and opt-out of the service. While the effectiveness of self-exclusion remains anecdotal, it provides a release valve for people to separate themselves from their gambling problems.

GamBlock Products

Each GamBlock product varies slightly depending on the client and the system. For instance, people can purchase personal self-exclusion packages or corporate ones. The same goes for covering Android, Windows, or Apple products. GamBlock even has a special purchase feature for product options not included in their inventory.

There are five primary packages: GamBlock Titanium, Platinum, Gold, Invisible, and Visible. Each product has different features.

GamBlock Gold

GamBlock Gold is an entry-level product. It offers basic customer service and provides control to whoever installs the application. Some of the features include:


  • Alterative or no messages when GamBlock detects gambling activity
  • Variable countdown timers
  • Changeable passwords
  • Tracker of gambling activity


This product is ideal for individuals who want to assist a friend or family member fighting gambling addiction. Users can also submit a website for review if they believe GamBlock has erroneously blocked it. Hypothetically, for example, the software might block a school domain if it talks about a lottery for delegating student parking spaces. The reviewer could then approve the site and allow the unfiltered access.

When a user tries to access a forbidden site, GamBlock will display a message. The software will also begin running a timer ranging from a few seconds to a minute. Once the timer expires, GamBlock will redirect away from the site with gambling content. Here are the other features and functions offered:


  • Blocking factory reset
  • Software is completely hidden
  • Blocking regardless of government legislation
  • Regular updates what sites to block
  • Blocking gaming content on social media
  • Blocking by page as opposed to a site
  • Blocking of onion and proxy gambling
  • Does not block onion or proxy surfing
  • VPN can’t circumvent GamBlock
  • GamBlock does not block VPNs
  • Easy installation
  • Easy uninstallation after the protection period
  • No reliance on the cloud for connection speed


GamBlock Platinum

Those who want a higher level of customer service can sign up for GamBlock Platinum. The product includes all the features of GamBlock Gold, plus the ability to block stock trading and sports scores. Additionally, users can opt into alternative renewal messages on their devices.

GamBlock designed this version specifically for sports gamblers and day traders with input from Microsoft Certified Professionals and Certified Problem Gambling Counselors. This input reflects GamBlock’s concerted effort in understanding, targeting, and mitigating the potential destructive behavior of gamblers.

GamBlock Titanium

GamBlock Titanium offers the highest degree of protection and customer service. Users can reach out to customer support at any time and receive emotional support or advice based on their situation. It also provides all the previously mentioned features, in addition to:


  • Blocks based on user accounts types
  • Blocks for user accounts
  • Offers flexible blocking while preventing all gambling
  • Makes exceptions for gambling industry staff


As the most well-rounded product, GamBlock Titanium is ideal for amateur and chronic gamblers alike. It is also applicable for people who don’t gamble but share a computer or device with someone who does. GamBlock Titanium provides thorough protection, especially for individuals who want to nip a potential gambling problem in the bud.

GamBlock Invisible and Visible

The versions for mobile devices are slightly different in functionality and display. There are also minor variations in the features, depending on whether the customer has an Android, Samsung, or Apple device. Here are the primary functions:


  • Can’t be deactivated by uninstalling the software or restarting the device
  • Can’t bypassed with a proxy or VPN, such as Orbot
  • Blocks any calls to and from uk casino operators
  • Easy installation
  • Easy uninstallation after the protection period
  • Complete functionality with Google Play
  • Can’t be deleted by resetting the device to factory settings
  • Blocking regardless of government legislation


One key variation is how visible the software is. Users have options to have GamBlock run discretely in the background or actively discourage users from gambling activities. Here are some of the differences between the two styles:



  • GamBlock is not visible to other users
  • Browser displays a generic icon instead of GamBlock logo
  • There are no mentions of GamBlock in blocking messages
  • Software redirects users to default homepage
  • Users can hide or show GamBlock browser settings



  • GamBlock browser shows the GamBlock icon
  • Messages directly mention GamBlock when blocking sites
  • Website redirects go to
  • GamBlock icon is visible in the browser
  • GamBlock browser settings are always on display


GamBlock Pricing

Product pricing depends on several factors, including the devices, number of users, tier of protection, and protection period. GamBlock also offers discount codes. For the sake of simplicity, the following is a list of prices based on a one-year lease for one device with no discounts:


  • Samsung Self-Exclusion – £01
  • Android Self-Exclusion – £96.07
  • Android Managed Exclusion (Invisible) – £65.25
  • Android Managed Exclusion (Visible) – £49.40
  • Windows Personal (GamBlock Titanium) – £148.36
  • Windows Personal (GamBlock Platinum) – £107.61
  • Windows Personal (GamBlock Gold) – £66.09
  • Windows Small Business (GamBlock Titanium) – £158.36
  • Windows Small Business (GamBlock Platinum) – £158.36
  • Windows Small Business (GamBlock Gold) – £73.78
  • Windows Corporate (10 GamBlock Titanium licenses) – £288.34
  • Windows Corporate (10 GamBlock Platinum licenses) – £230.52
  • Windows Corporate (10 GamBlock Gold licenses) – £163.39
  • Apple (General) – £1476.79
  • Apple (Power Users) – £150.30
  • Apple (Computers) – £76.85


GamBlock Reviews

If there is one reason to balk at purchasing GamBlock products, it is the bevy of underwhelming reviews. Two prominent review sites, TrustPilot and Trust Mamma, graded the company as 2.5 and 2.0 out of five stars, respectively. The results are polarizing. Based on 36 total reviews between the two sites, there are four five-star reviews and 26 one-star ratings.

The common complaint is that GamBlock hinders the functionality of phones and computers. The software will block sites it shouldn’t and may inadvertently shut down the device. Because GamBlock designed the application to stay in place for an introductory period, it can’t be easily uninstalled before that if a user has a negative first experience.

Here is an excerpt from a one-star review by Markota. The user says, “It doesn’t just block the open tab if it suspects gambling-related content—but the whole browser. And the content doesn’t necessarily have to be connected to gambling in any way. It also restarts my computer without notice (resulting in lost work), and their customer service treated me as a gambler trying to remove the software even though I gave them access to my computer.”

Markota’s experience is an individual one, but it does touch on many of the issues that other users have. Readers should not consider this review as a sweeping indictment. Instead, consider it as a holistic perspective. Our goal is to provide a well-rounded view of GamBlock products without bias or endorsement.

Alternatives to GamBlock

GamBlock isn’t the only self-exclusion software out there. One competitor is Gamban, which offers a two-week free trial of its products at a fraction of the cost. Those looking to rectify gambling problems may also consider the free services of GamStop, which is available in Northern Ireland, Wales, and Great Britain.

In Summary:

Gamblock is a versatile program with options for numerous devices, budgets, and user types. It will effectively prevent a user from accessing non gamstop gambling sites, despite any attempts to circumvent it. However, it may also have some bugs to work out. Some users report issues with it blocking acceptable sites and causing system shuts downs. In those instances, customer service might be less than helpful.

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